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Whether you are looking for a personal trainer or prefer the social aspect of a group, Kristy Agan has the skills and knowledge to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Kristy is constantly continuing her education to ensure she gives her clients the best possible training experience. Her certifications range from AFAA, ACE, TRX, HKC, RKC, and RKCII.

When you train at KA Athletics, you will be taught how to master basic body weight, kettlebell, weightlifting, and general conditioning movements. As you demonstrate mastery at various levels, then you will progress to more advanced lifts. One size does not always fit all and you have to EARN it here at KA Athletics. Kristy has the experience and knowledge to meet you where you are…..and then take you where you want to be. You really do have to experience it for yourself to understand why so many people choose to train with Kristy and why they stay.

Call today and set up an appointment and Kristy will put together a program that is right for your specific needs! You can reach her at 706-346-4289 or email at

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Testimonial from Kristy Hughes

A year ago, I caught a glimpse of myself in a full-length mirror. I really didn’t like what I saw. My daughter was getting married in June, and I just didn’t want to attend feeling like I did. I signed up for a boot camp at a local gym. Across the warehouse, this instructor was calling out instructions to people clearly twice (or three times) her size. Before I thought, I blurted out, “I don’t EVER want to do what they’re doing!” Boy, did I have to eat my words. Not only have I joined that group, but I have stepped it up to three days a week, with extra swings mixed in just for fun. Why? Because Kristy Agan knows how to motivate. She makes class fun, challenging, and worthwhile. We aren’t weighing and measuring every week. We aren’t comparing ourselves to each other. She brings you just up to the line of what you can do, helps you believe in yourself, and you step over it on your own. She has taken me from swinging a 20lb. bell and feeling good about it, to swinging 45-50 lb. bells and wanting to do more. She encourages, corrects your form, and challenges you to challenge yourself. I never feel pressured to do things, I feel motivated. I believe that is what a good trainer is supposed to do. Thank you, Kristy Agan, for showing me that I can swing so much more than a 20lb. bell. Who knew deadlifts could be fun?

Testimonial from Leigh Weldon

I am not a “runner”. I am not training for an obstacle course race, half marathon, or fitness competition. I am a 32-year-old mother of two who (finally!) made the decision to invest in my health and myself and the returns have been paid tenfold!

My first pregnancy in 2012 was complicated by excessive weight gain, high blood pressure, early induction, and post-partum depression. When I was pregnant with my second son, I made the decision early to take the best care of my body possible and committed to a training program with Kristy Agan. I have always worked out at different gyms and tried different programs, but this time I had a loftier goal than simply “getting skinny”. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to be confident. And I wanted to be healthy.

I would have never become any of these things without the help of Kristy Agan. My financial commitment initially led me to feel such a responsibility to my workouts that I began to treat them like an appointment with myself; a very different outlook than telling yourself that maybe you’ll get to the gym after work. However, it didn’t take long until I began to actually look forward to my time with Kristy. She is an encourager. She doesn’t beat you down to build you up – she is a teacher, an expert, and a role model that makes you truly want to become that better and stronger version of yourself. Her workouts are varied, customized, and fun!

For me, the results are coming. But the true gift that Kristy has given me is allowing me to fall in love with the process.

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